● ► Transform your Apple into an unusual gadget! 
● Multi-colored desk clocks, advanced alarm clock, daily weather forecast and a lot of useful things in a single device. 
Alarm Clock + World Weather Conditions App is an instant source of everyday information. 
One glance at the display and you are already informed about the weather, current day of the week and time. 
Now your gadget can serve as an excellent desktop clock. Design of the clock captivates you instantly with its simplicity, style and brightness and of course with the possibility to change colors. 
If you look deeper into the reverse side of the main display, you'll find a wonderful wind-up alarm clock, a high-quality flashlight and hidden mechanisms that adjust the appearance of the main display. The configuration interface impresses with its flexibility and richness. 


· Stylish and easy-to read display. 

· Digital clock. 

· Color change of the dialpiece. 

· Set up of clock format. 

· Selection of time format. 

· Display of weather forecast, city and day of the week. 

· Weather forecast includes humidity, cloudiness, precipitations and air temperature in Fahrenheit degrees. 

· Alarm option. 

· Possibility to set a standard tune from the app’s or collection or from your media gallery. 

· Alarm's repeat option. 

· Adjustment of music’s sound. 

· Alarm clock vibration. 

· Flashlight option. 

· Flashlight mode. 

· Slide Finger option enables to beautifully turn on and turn off the display, by simple finger touch. 

· Sleep mode timer (from 5 minutes to one hour) in loading mode from the battery or charge. 

□□□ 4 essential applications for daily use. You no longer need to open several different apps to get information or to set an alarm. This application is rather practical and easy to use into everyday life. 

»» Keep an eye on the temperature and weather conditions, wake up with your favorite music and enjoy the beautiful desktop clock in your gadget!



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