Are you concerned with your photo- and video-files security? 

·Protect them!•◄ 

►SecretFolder will guarantee inaccessibility and protection of your files from unauthorized viewing. 
►You can find a high-quality safe, file manager and alarm system in the same application for iDevices. 

In every iPhone or iPod there are personal photos and videos that are not intended for onlookers. And there always are such onlookers, whose favorite hobby is to poke their nose into someone else’s device. If you do not want to delete files since they are precious to you but the computer is not a safe place, as well, where shall you keep them? ◄It is the first question. 

►The second one is: what shall you do if a friend of yours asks you to let him view your photos or videos, among which there are things you do not want to show him? Shall you say “no” and thus admit that you are keeping any things from him or shall you let him view photos and videos and thus reveal your secret? 

·You do not need sacrifices anymore! • The SecretFolder has a solution. This application has a rich functional base designed for professional protection of your belongings both from intruders and your friends. 

· Nine Dots system. 

· Individual security Pin-Code. 

· Fingerprint sensor. 

· Storage and viewing of photo- and video-files. 

· False password option (for your friends): such a password offers only limited access to files and hides your secret folder. 

· Files import from the device library. 

· Integrated photo- and video-camera for files making. 

· Option of albums and files creation and deleting. 

· Alarm system that is activated in case of touching the device. 

· Sound signal choice. 

· Automatic blocking option. 

□□□ Due to the SecretFolder you may safely make your exclusive photos and videos and view them with those persons, whom you see fit. 
Despite the fact that all these files are in an easily accessible place, you may have a peaceful night: the risk that someone else will have access to your files is practically zero. 

► The SecretFolder is the most powerful application for protection of your private life. Put your secrets in a safe place. 




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