□□□ Tomorrow you will wake up on time! 
□□□ You will have enough sleep! 
□□□ Tomorrow you will wake up in good mood! 

►We are glad to present the alarm clock of the future - Cycle Alarm Clock - Wake Up Rested! 

Alarm Clock is one the most needed thing in the evening and the most hated thing in the morning. 


·• You want your alarm clock to wake you up gently, tenderly and carefully? 

·• You want it to wake you up intelligently and accurately, and find the best time for your body to wake up? 

Rejoice! We have such an alarm clock! 

►Cycle Alarm Clock - Wake Up Rested! is a professional super-sensitive technology that brings the alarm clock functions to a new level using special algorithms that follow your sleep phases and sleep biorhythms. It is known that it is much easier to wake up during the fast-wave phases. On the basis of motive activity of the body this application will read the data on neuropsychological activity of the brain and calculate the wakeup time during the fast-wave sleep, when waking up is least painful. It means that you will wake up naturally, and after that you will be cheerful and rested. 
In order to ensure that your body receives the needed amount of energy it is important not only to wake up in good time, but to fall asleep properly as well. 

· Cycle Alarm Clock - Wake Up Rested! will make sure you have a healthy sleep from the time you fall asleep till waking up 

· The right music will help you to relax and fall asleep easily 

· Set the alarm clock volume and wake up to your favorite music 

· Enter an approximate wakeup time and the alarm clock will wake you up in the most favorable time within 10 minutes before or after the set time 

· Maintains high level of sensitivity 

· The application allows to analyze sleep structure. It maintains statistic accounting, registers deep sleep periods and fast-wave sleep periods, motive activity and calculates total duration of sleep. 

· Sleep biorhythm charts 

· Minimum errors 



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