►Just make a click – and on your display you will see the most necessary and precise data about the weather wherein you are at the present moment. 

□□□ The Thermometer application carries out a twenty-four-hour monitoring of the weather conditions, and you can use it at any time to see the temperature, humidity and wind speed around you. 

»»» All information is presented in a stylish and easy-to-read manner against nice thematic pictures of the background. It is always pleasant to access it regardless of the weather outside. 

The meteorological services forecasts do not always come true, but this application will fairly estimate the current state of play. The Thermometer is the best on-line thermometer inside your device. 

●►The weather can often be deceptive. It seems that the sun is shining and everything is good, but the frosty air is just waiting for you to come outside underclad. Or, on the contrary, it is cloudy in looks, but the air is balmy and warm and you have to carry too many clothes on you. Humidity and wind also have an influence on perception of any given weather. 

»» In order not to get into a hobble, not having dressed for the weather, use this application that will protect you from weather surprises. 

· The Thermometer will provide you with the information about temperature, humidity, cloudiness and wind speed at the present moment. 

· Handy data visualization. 

· Pretty appearance. Screenshots change. 

· User’s automatic localization. 

· Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. 

►The live temperature indicator will take care of your knowledge and will help you to take right decisions on various common and professional issues, presenting you the most precise and recent data. 




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