»» Do you know how fast beats your heart when staying, running, dancing or kissing? 
»» How quickly your heart rate recovers after exercising and what the fact tells us about? 
»» How many calories are you burning while doing various activities? 

► The answers to these and other questions will be given you by the practical application of measuring the pulse: Heart Rate by Paramon apps LLC. 

◘◘◘ Modern technology offers Apple device the possibility to do the procedure in accordance with medical technology and sports equipment. 
Once you put your forefinger on the camera of the iPhone, the application displays your pulse on the screen at that time. The secret is that the finger surface is pulsating with the flow of blood of the heart rate, in this way the skin color and transparency are changing, and the camera takes these changes and translates them into numbers. 

»»» Get from inside of application the information card to learn how to increase efficiency in sports due to the data received. You can identify an optimal level of effort, according to individual capacities of the body. 

·• With the help of Heart Rate application by Paramon apps LLC, you can quickly and accurately measure not only your pulse but you can also verify other people to find health condition at some point. 

· The Heart Rate application is useful if you decided to lose weight or to raise the level of exercise. Heart Rate by Paramon apps LLC requires you to move forward, inspiring you to get even better results. 

· A comfortable interface and a modern design. 

· An expressive and easy to read display. 

· The pulse is measured rapidly and accurately. 

· You can number the calories burned during exercise sports. 

· Pulse speed can be determined from the maximum possible frequency. 

· Calculate the recovery pulse. 

· Results can be entered in a daily timetable. 

· It is possible to add remarks. 

· There are indicators by age for a more accurate analysis. 

»»» Use Heart Rate application to control your cardiovascular system status and get excellent results while doing fitness exercises.


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