»»» Looking for a handy and easy readable timer-stopwatch that’ll indicate correctly the data and that’ll promptly react at your actions? 

►Not a single but four charming timers are included in the application Digital Timer. 
Each is interesting due to its original design and functional abilities. Choose the one you like that will be most suitable for achievement of your purposes. Whatever you’ll plan, the professional set of stopwatches in your pocket will support you in any initiatives. 

□□□Learn for how many seconds you can hold your breath, arrange a competition with your friends, start the countdown to the end of the world or check how many seconds your child needs to manage with the multiplication table.□□□ 

· Measurement of time intervals up to milliseconds. 

· Audio signal at the end of the time interval. 

· Countdown timer in hours, minutes and seconds. 

· Ability to reset the counter at any time. 

· Split Mode that allows counting increasing time intervals from 

the start till the next click. 

· Lap Mode –counts time intervals between the clicks. 

· Highly accurate counters. 

· Inspiring design and easy interface. 

►Digital Tiemr is ideal for educational, scientific, sports and experimental purposes. It can be helpful in the daily life especially at the kitchen. 

Start the countdown timer and you can do your work unworriedly. Hearing the sound signal run to the kitchen and remove your sausages, cakes or oatmeal cookies from heat. And if you want to make some coffee an accurate and readable stopwatch is what you need. 

»» Sports, competitions, self work and setting of new records, the timer is needed everywhere. 

·•• You may need a stopwatch at the most unexpected moment. However it’s hardly possible that you always keep it in the back pocket of your jeans. Now you have the other possibility as his upgraded analog is ready to appear at the front page of your device.



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