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□□□ Not all of us looking at the trembling needle of a magnetic compass can definitely indicate the direction where to go to reach the destination point. 

»»» However the lucky users of I-Devices with the upgraded application Compass Pro GPS by Paramon Apps LLC can quickly and unmistakably reach the destination simply following the indicator’s needle. 

► Compass Pro GPS manages with all difficulties of mathematical calculations and beside the ordinary definition of the North, and South shall indicate to what part you need to move with its guiding ball. You need just to choose the place you want to get to and to introduce these data in the program indicating the name of the place of choosing the point at the map. 

►With such a wise compass in your device you can always be sure that you won’t get lost. Be it an unknown city, forest, desert or a orienteering competition the Compass will always help you and indicate the correct way in just a few seconds. 

►You need not hesitate too long and wait until the needle shall stop or make calculations basing on closeness to the Earth magnetic pole. Compass is working on the basis of the GPS navigation satellite system that assures the high accuracy of indications even close to metallic items. 

»»» Compass Pro GPS by Paramon Apps LLC is a reliable and quick mode of defining the coordinates and to orientate during the trip. 

· Count of miles and kilometers from your location till the destination point. 

· Definition of user’s location and of chosen point coordinates. 

· Data processing and accurate indication of the direction where to move. 

· Ordinary compass indicating north and south direction presented in different design variants. 

»»» The application is easy and comfortable in use. It perfectly masters the map, compass and possesses geographical knowledge therefore ensuring easy and wise orientation at place. 

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