»» Your friends found out a way to hide their secrets from you!««

»»»» In your Apple device, you have mysterious folders, in which you hide the secret photos and video files, or are you still looking for a safe place to hide them? ««««


·• What could be more cool than a folder with password ••

►• Only a masked folder with the password!•◄


»» At the first sight – it is a simple calculator, which performs decently its mathematical duties. But, if you type a special combination of numbers and press the button equal, you will open the door to a multifunctional place for the file storage. Whose photos you will keep there, which kind of exclusive images or intriguing videos you hide there–no one, never will find out!


□□□ You even can give your friends the possibility to use you calculator and to see how they access the buttons naively, without knowing how close to your secrets they are. The calculator will divert attention from what is important. The application will hide not only the files, will also hide the fact that you intended to hide something, unlike a folder with password, that brings up questions and suppositions. □□□


»» Its comfortable interface, with pleasant characteristics provides the opportunity to interact easily with the application.


Extracting photos and videos from the library of the device

Incorporated camera

Saving the files from the Facebook

Wi-Fi connection to the computer

Downloading files from the Internet


• Sending secret files to the e-mail

• Saving files in the gallery of the device

• Placing files on Twitter and Facebook


Creating folders

The possibility to choose the cover of the album

• Calculator and setting the personal password in order to access the program


»»Thus, the application will be not only a reliable safe, but also a convenient way to exchange files between your computer and the Internet.

Due to the application you will learn fast to trust the people who surround you and for sure you will remain calm, when you will leave unattended your device.  



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