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◘◘◘ Do you know what places does your husband visit? When do your children come in after school? Do your employees always at their work places during your absence? Do your best friends tell you everything?


· Non-integrated system of satellite tracking by Device Locator by Paramon Apps LLC gives you a chance to check it!


□□□ This application allows to check the route of iDevice user’s movement with secrecy by using GPS system data. Device is the thing that the user always takes with him or her that allows us to make it a means of monitoring.


□□□ Just imagine that Device Locator by Paramon Apps LLC is the bug you inserted in somebody’s iPhone. Its main option is to track, to draw, to save and to display on the map all the route travelled by the object starting from the device activation. After opening the application after some time you will get the desired information about the places the object visited and the time of their visit.


»»» The performance of the application guarantees the secrecy of operation and convenience in application use.


Geographic route for day, week, month of tracking.


Request of password to enter into application.


Saving reports on all sessions with the indication of time, number of measures and the distance travelled by the object.


Timer of frequency of point fixation.


Autonomy and confidentiality of work.


»» In skillful hands this system of tracking may become a strong tool of control. Children or employees knowing that they are tracked by will behave themselves.


»» Use Device Locator by Paramon Apps LLC to be aware of all the events happened. It will help you to nail down a lie and to find out what happens behind your back.






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