»»» Did somebody tell you were talking last night while sleeping? 

»»» Learn the secret of your subconsciousness during the sleep! 

· The amazing memory application Sleep Talk Recorder by Paramon Apps LLC shall help you to be aware of what is going on in your head during nights! 

□□□ IT was specially create to keep an eye on you during your sleep. As long as you remain silent the application is in sleep mode. Intelligent and sensitive voice activation system turns on the recorder only when you begin making some sounds. During night the programs collects a full list of audio speeches with detailed information on the time and date of their recoding. In the morning you can enjoy all your “sleepy revelations” in high digital quality and make appropriate conclusions on what you’ve dreamed about. 

►You can also use the Sleep Talk Recorder by Paramon Apps LLC to eavesdrop on other people’s dreams! 

Are you curious about your husband’s, children’s, brother’s, sister’s or your roommate’s dreams? You shouldn’t stay awaked for that! You need just to activate “accidentally” the device and put it closer to the sleeping one. 

▪ The program has also the timer that will help to adjust the system before you fall asleep. 

▪ The function “Filter: shall clean up your voice from the background noise so that you can hear well your mutter. 

▪ Creation of a detailed report on all records indicating the total dream time and the quantity of talks. 

▪ All night records are stored in the folder with indication of the recording time and date. Here you can easily find them, listen, rename or delete them. 

▪ Possibility of adding the record to the folder Favorites for quick access. 

▪ Additional information shall help you to understand the technical features. 

■ »» Speeches during night can appear quite interesting and funny, sometimes incoherent and sometimes very informative. Sleep Talk Recorder by Paramon Apps LLC shall help you to get to know a lot of new things about yourself and the others! It’s possible you talk in different languages in a dream or actively sing or compose poetry. 

□□□ Hurry up to check it until your secrets are not revealed! 



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