Magic Shot by Paramon Apps LLC application will make your pictures perfect! 
Advanced technology which can make your real pictures look better. 

»»» According to the Murphy laws, in those images where you look well, the others look bad, but in those images where you blink, the other friends have a nice smile. 

»»» Remember how often, watching your photos disappointed, you think: If I were able to take the smile from one photo, the body from another and the background from another –I would make a perfect image. 

► No doubt, it will become true! 
That’s why Magic Shot by Paramon Apps LLC application was created. 

·•• The application gives the possibility of identifying the defect area in the image and of replacing it with the same area from another image. Of course, images must be very similar, better when the images were made consecutively. The program automatically determines if the photos are suitable for the combination and displays a warning sign. ••• 

□ »» Its very easy to understand how to work with the photos because the program is convenient and intuitive. In the center there is the main photo, lateral is the substitute. They can be interchanged or replaced with the new one, in order to make the best photo. 

· Built-in camera and the possibility of selecting the photos from the gallery. 

· The possibility of undoing and moving forward and backward. 

· Intuitive interface. 

· The possibility of sending to Twitter, Facebook and by e-mail. 

□□□ With the help of the application Magic Shot by Paramon Apps LLC no one will see the lack of talent and luck in making photos. 

□□□ Surprise your friends showing them how a lot of images with defects can become a wonderful photo, in which everyone looks well. 




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