►A new upgraded professional unit of measurement convertor is at your service. 
»»» Simple and fast conversion! 
»»» A vast number of counters! 

□□□ Conversion of one unit into another is needed in many situations: for studies, for professional activity and in different daily situations. There are a lot of abstruse methods for solving this question; however the best device to do it is the handy Converter Pro. Using it you can transform the unknown unit of measurement into a familiar one. Just choose the fields of the category, introduce the numbers and you can obtain your result. 

»» Converter Pro has a huge number of calculators and units of measurement. Using it you can convert everything needed in everything needed and if it’s not enough you can use the possibility to create your own calculator on the basis of the formula introduced. 

»» Converter Pro is far different from its analogues. There are no deviations of conversion directions or design items impeding the work. However there is a wisely structured interface including all necessary functions: 

· Keyboard for numbers introduction. 

· Ability to create personal convertors on formulas basis. 

· Vast choice of calculators and units of measurement. 

· Contains almost all currencies of the world. 

· Automatic units’ conversion in all directions at once. 

· Quick search. 

· Any conversion can be added in Favorites for a fast access. 

►Length, area, time, temperature, weight and density - the Converter Pro makes all units of measurable accessible. 

·• Coming through interesting texts containing the unknown units of measurement used in other countries and during another times that can be hardly understood we quite often lose a portion of information due to our unwillingness of using reference books or the Internet. However having the Converter Pro you can easily and quickly convert the numbers in a unit you understand.



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