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Unseemly sophisticated application 16 MegaPixel Camera has already been launched on the market and is ready to be tried. 
This is your opportunity to experiment and add new original, amazing and beautiful photos to your collection. 
High effectiveness of the camera is based on a wide range of functionalities and efficiently designed interface. 



 This mode opens the window into the world of multilayer panoramic images. 

· It allows extending photos in one of the two directions (leftward or rightward) until the full 360° view of the shot image is completed. 

 Panoramic photo enables saving all the beauty and atmosphere of the place to the maximum. No more need to gather bits of a lost impression from fragmented and scattered shots. 

· An accelerometer-based spot radar enables obtaining ideally smooth stitching of shots. 

· Option to reset the results is also available in case something does not suit you. 



 This option is intended specially for photocall fans. 

· You can choose the shooting speed yourself, setting the time (150 to 600 ms) and the number of frames (5 to 15 shots). 

· Support for preview. 

Slow Shооtter 


A camera for creation of unusual pictures by superposing all shots one above the other. 

· This activity is so fascinating that the timer for this mode can be set to range from 3 seconds to eternity, just in case you cannot stop. 

· Preview availability. 



No need to deprive yourself of a photo because the object of the shooting is far and you cannot come closer or feel embarrassed, lazy or afraid of doing this. 
Multiple digital zooming enables you to magnify the object of the shooting. 

Color Filter 


Transform your photo by running it through one of the six multicolored filters: blue, green, red, black-and-white, sepia or negative. 

Quick Shoоt 


Standard high resolution camera (5, 8 and 16 Mpx) 



The most ordinary timer for the best photo. 
All is in your hands. 

Timer + 


· This function snaps a series of quick shots after timer set interval (from 3 to 30 seconds). 

  It increases your chances to snap a good photo. 

Timer Loop 


This function snaps a series of consecutive photos in intervals of 15 seconds to 15 minutes. 
Resolution: 5 or 8 Mpx. 

Light Painting 


  This function repeats the light painting effect. 

· Set the timer (from 3 seconds to eternity) and paint until your hands get tired. 

  Here you can practice your artistic skills, amazing your friends and yourself with unique photo paintings. 

All photos you create are safely saved in a capacious album in the application pocket. 
Having mastered all functions of the camera you will be able to use them whenever applicable and needed. 

Do not miss the chance to turn what you see into a bright, interesting and fairy-like photo, since every second of your life is unique and inimitable, indeed.



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