»» Did you decide to experiment with your hair color? 
»» Haircut Colorizer app enables you to learn the results of the experiment in advance. 

No need to take risks, because you can check whether this or that hair color will suit you, changing it in the picture, especially if you are planning something extreme! 
To begin, select a photo and make a decision about the color. 
For better results, use the photos taken with your Apple device. 

Open the application and you will find the necessary color palette and an excellent set of tools for work. As in real life, the procedure of dying the hair is done manually, by direct drawing. 
The app is provided with an optimal and practical user friendly interface that takes into account all the subtleties of image processing. 

▪ Changing the size of the brush and its saturation. 

▪ Selection of color hues. 

▪ Control of size and quality of the eraser. 

▪ Save, revert to or continue options of processing. 

▪ Ergonomic scaling methods for more accurate paint. 

▪ Adjustment of brightness, contrast and saturation. 

▪ Color balance. 

▪ Hue – paint with color hue. 

▪ “Clear all” option and revert to the original. 

▪ Gallery to save the pictures. 

► You can shock your friends with the obtained photographs, uploading them to the network. Let your friends express their opinion before you make a defiant chemical act with their hair. 

► The application can be safely used as a tool for selecting hair color, as well as for entertainment purposes. Now you can afford absolutely any hair color, and not just one, but several. Does this encourage you to change your image or make you give up the mad idea forever? At least, damaged hair and ruined mood will not be the compensation for the error. 

Haircut Colorizer app enables you to get a realistic result and on the basis of such result helps you make a correct decision.



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