»» The best part of the holiday is waiting for it. 
»» Therefore, don’t let this feeling pass by! 
►Merry Christmas is the app which will make the approaching of Christmas holiday visible and palpable! 

Set up the countdown to Christmas right now on your Apple device. 
There are fewer and fewer days, hours, minutes and seconds! 
You will want to look at the festive dial again and again and each time you will do it, it will bring you new joy, inversely proportional to the amount of remaining time. 
The holiday does not have to come unnoticed. The countdown timer is a mandatory attribute, along with the Christmas tree, presents and Santa Claus. 
Make its getting closer magical and soulful. Feel the spirit of Christmas! 
The application organizes on the display 

♦ The countdown with 1-second precision. 
♦ Festive background. 
♦ Current date and time. 
♦ Date of Christmas. 
♦ Festive animation on Christmas. 

► Many cities around the world have already started counting down, and now you too can do it with the help of your gadget. 

◊◊◊ This application will remind you of how much time is left before the holiday, so in the fuss of affairs and concerns you remember to buy gifts and make up a festive toast. And working is much more fun when on the table in front of you the timer is ticking, reminding you of the good times. 

When buying gifts, candles and champagne don’t forget to buy a countdown timer too, in order not to miss the longing feeling of Christmas in the pre-holiday rush. 

◊◊◊ Have you bought already everything and now you can’t wait for the holiday to come? The app will wait together with you! 
Meet Christmas for a longer time together with Merry Christmas app! 


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