»»» You can see an advanced intonation technology for searching Electromagnetic technique! 
It will give you the possibility of detecting hidden electromagnetic objects by using your Apple-device. 

Electromagnetic objects can be hazardous and necessary. Anyway, it would be rather good to keep on hand a device, which would assist you in location of such objects. 

►Metal Detector + will alert you on the approach of electromagnetic waves through a special frame of references. The closer is the electromagnetic source, the higher are numeric values. The indicator turns red and an alarm sound alerts you on the immediate approach to the searched object. 
Thus, using Metal Detector + you can examine any object or person on the availability of metals. 

This system includes: 

· Customization of detector sensitivity. 


· Setting the alarm at metal detection. 


· Option of vibration adjustment. 


· Color notification. 


· Numerical values scale. 

Metal Detector + Program will give new opportunities to your device and will invaluably assist you in many real-life situations. 

If you are already confident, be armed with the best metal detector and undertake your quest of adventures. 



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