»» Are your spy genes disturbing your quiet sleep? 
»» Are you experiencing an overwhelming thirst for intelligence operations on data mining and disclosure of intruders? 

►Then, it will be interesting for you to discover the application Spy Tools for iPone & iPod. 
Neither intelligence sortie, nor covert speculation can dispense with it. 
Professional toolkit for a real spy. 

This application comprises 4 sections. 

The section Inspections specifies exclusive appliances intended for mining any proofs and dirty laundry. 

· Bug – sensible bug responding to sounds or movements. 

Under a black screen it will record sounds and speeches. Due to this appliance you will find out any talk of people at the moment they think they are not heard. 

· StrangerDetector – alarm system actuating at somebody’s sound or device operation. It is intended to deter intruders and protect your device and other objects from any strangers, when you are away. 

· MaskedCam – this camera takes pictures under the dark screen, over the adjusted period of time. It will produce exclusive photos, not involving you in the shooting process. 

· SteralthyCam – this camera starts operating at any device motion or strange sound. It will gently and imperceptibly produce you all the necessary pictures. 

The section Tackles specifies the most necessary spy accessories for day and night hunt. 

· MaskedCall option represents a call to the indicated number dialed upon detection of any sound or motion. Thus, you will find out about somebody’s presence next to your device, which means that it’s time to act or run off until you are not caught, while mining secret data. 

· VoiceDisquise Option – modifies your voice beyond any recognition. Upon recording the message, just select one of 4 distortion effects and you can safely call and leave messages, thereat concealing your identity. 

· ZoomCam – binocular camera with possibilities to watch the shot object from afar, waiting in ambush. 

· Flashlight – an object indispensible for night operations and functioning in dark premises. 

The section Scouting will provide you a list of 10 most dangerous criminals with detailed biographies, wanted by FBI, as well as will communicate you news from the world’s leading intelligence agencies, such as MI-5, CIA, DHS, FBR, etc. 

Under section HUMINF you will find a sensitive secret weapon enabling to manipulate the human consciousness. 

· Hypnosys – comprises 3 levels of the screen flashing speed. It will help you calm down in critical situations or lull the enemy’s vigilance, so as to influence its actions. 

· With PsychoAttack you could influence the intruder’s volitional center, setting the interval, volume and sound of produced signal. 

Undertaking a mission with the application Spy Tools for iPone & iPod, you will feel yourself confident and protected. Due to it, you can seize any data about other people and use it for personal purposes. 

►Be careful! Perhaps, somebody is already watching you from its hiding place.



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